Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Happenings of Late

Well I haven't kept up with this blog as much as I had hoped I would. We did have a very nice Memorial Day. We drove about an hour and half to Osseo, WI and spent the afternoon with homeschool friends who own a dairy farm. We had a great time. They have 9 children and we have 5 so it was quite the crowd. The kids hit it off really well. Micah was able to feed the baby cows, of course, I forgot the camera. One of their daughter's, Emily, plays the harp which is an instrument that Annaliese is interested in playing. So they gave us some good pointers. The funny thing is Annaliese a few weeks before Memorial Day had asked me about learning the harp. I told her (just assuming it would be difficult) but I told her that it would probably be very hard to find a harp teacher. And what happens we meet up with our friends, not having any idea that their daughter played, and they have two harps in their living room. She also told me that there are about 5 harp teachers in the Eau Claire area. I think God has a really funny sense of humor about timing sometimes. Hopefully things will work out to get her started with lessons this fall sometime. All in all it was a really fun day. Oh and on the ride home, Micah announced he wants to be a farmer when he gets older so he can have cows.

Then today May 30th, the girls and I all went to a bridal shower. That was really fun too. They are homeschool friends from a different group - one that is a little more local which is good - only half an hour away. We played your typical bridal shower games but one I hadn't done before too. I have 4 girls and another friend at our table has 4 girls also plus 5 boys but we were joking about keeping these ideas in the back of our minds for our own girls as they get older and will one day find themselves engaged to their beloved. It's hard to think that far ahead but I know how quickly that time will come, in the blink of an eye. They served a really nice tomatoe, onion and feta cheese salad - way too fattening with the oily dressing but oh so good to eat. I definately want the recipe for that.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

365 Day Project 88--93

Blast from the Past

My babies are growing up...and one of them hasn't arrived yet.

365 Day Project 82--87

365 Day Project 32-81

I started out participating in this because I thought it would be really great to keep up with taking photos of the kids but it was so cold here when I started that I really fell behind. Now that it is slightly warmer, slightly being the operative word, I hope to get back on track. But if you sit for a spell and watch all the photobucket layouts down in other posts then I am approximately up to 81. One of the hardest things about getting us to Wisconsin is it seems to be always colder than I would like. Today and even the first few weeks of soccer we sat out in the cold and wind. My fingers felt frozen to my camera for awhile.

Another Soccer Player

This year Arianna is on a traveling soccer team. Some games are fairly far away so we don't usually drive to those. But she will have several games locally or within 30min of Turtle Lake.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Micah's First Game of the Season

This was kind of exciting for us to watch. Micah was running around at his first soccer game. He even got to play goalie. He seems to be really enjoying it. It is hard to get shots at this age though which I was surprised at. I didn't think they would all cluster together like they do. They also don't seem to teach positions at this age. It seems they just tell everyone to follow the ball.

Hopefully as the games go on I will be able to get a few better shots.

Natania's Games

I'm posting a few pics from Natania's first two soccer games. You can see in the photos she is playing against two different colors. It's been pretty cold here on those days so my hands are a little on the numb side from taking pictures and the cold wind coming across the field. She's having a harder time playing this year with the wind and her asthma. She's hoping for warmer days with less wind, me too!

She still really loves soccer!

If you want to see a close up of any of the shots, just click on that frame and it brings you to the website that I use to make these.

I can tell I'm going to have way too many soccer photos this year. I think I'll have to send some to grandma's back home.