Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Comings and Goings

Well life is sometimes a little crazy around here. We drive to everything because we live in rural USA. I just added some craziness to our lives but it has been fun too. I've always wanted to have my own antique shop and maybe have a few primitives crafts as well. I'm not currently in the position to be able to have my own shop so I decided to rent space in an antique mall. I'm trying out two locations to see how they do or which one is better. I've been doing it only for about a month now but I'm enjoying going to auctions, snagging up things for my booths, as well as a few things for myself here and there. Hubby comes along too most of the time, even my oldest daughter came once and enjoyed listening to the auctioneer speak so fast. So we'll see how my new adventure goes, wish me luck!!