Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Broken Arm

Again, I find myself writing about broken bones and again from use of the trampoline at the neighbors house. My 9 year old Annaliese landed funny as she came down she tried to brace her fall with her hands. She ended up breaking her forearm just past the wrist by about an inch. We couldn't see the other bone but the doctor suspected that with this type of break it usually affects the other bone as well but it might just be a crack. She gets a full cast on Thursday or Friday and will need it for about a month to 5 weeks. She was pale as a ghost when it happened so that was one clue to me that it was broken, not to mention the constant pain, inability to move it and "don't touch it" over and over again. So if you are reading this send up a little prayer for speedy healing. We started school today and tomorrow starts our homeschool groups co-op. Annaliese is refusing to stay home and rest her arm because she doesn't want to miss out on the fun. So I'm bring along lots of motrin and a pillow so she can at least rest her arm part of the time. She broke her right arm last year. I can't believe all the broken bones lately.