Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

Well we are once again on the ups and downs of the call process this time waiting to hear about two different possibilities. I'm hoping for New Jersey because I don't think any of us are "cowboys" or "cowgirls" in Wyoming. Well maybe Micah would enjoy the "cowboy" side of things. I just can't really imagine us living that far out. We are east coasters so it would be great to be back that way.

Micah has only needed therapy for his knees so far no surgery. They think he will most likely out grow this situation.

Our snow has melted which is just great. We went today and got a couple of new bikes for the kids who had outgrown theirs. Thursday is a long day for us - it's our homeschool choir day and after we try to get some shopping done if needed.

My 4th girl Annaliese is at a friends house for a sleepover. They are pretty good friends and the funny thing is that they are both born on the same day and about an hour apart. They will be celebrating their 10th birthday on April 5th. Annaliese keeps counting the days down to when she will be "double digits".

That seems to be all the news for now. If you have any ideas to share for what to do for a 10th birthday party I seem to be running out of creative juices. So if you have any ideas send them my way.