Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nature Journaling with Photos

I love the whole idea of keeping a nature journal. I've seen my children's drawing ability grow as a result. I even started one of my own. That time spent together was rather fun - we would all gather around our 3 big tables (office type tables), pull out the special colored pencils and the special crayons and begin looking through field guides as to what we wanted to attempt to draw. Now I have branched off by trying to photo journal some of the spots that we have hiked around. I managed to get a few photos the other day at a park that unfortunately was a little disappointing. As far as trails go.

I managed to get this photo of a beautiful dragonfly. My son just loves to chase these around, hoping to capture one.

I always thought that lily pads in a pond only had white flower blossoms. Here I found some with yellow flowers of some kind.

And a few interesting things along the way in the woods. This ones a little blurry.


jamie in rose cottage said...

We do both: we try to make frequent nature journal entries, but I rarely go anywhere without my camera, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

I bring my camera every where we go! I sometimes put up the picture of the insect or plant up on the computer screen and have the kids draw from it!

Penilayne said...

Hi! My name is Frances, and I am an amateur graphics/webdesign/photography enthusiast. I was directed to your blog by your husband from the Wittenberg Trail page. I love your entries! Your photos have gorgeous composition. Have you done much work with them in Photoshop before?

(My Wittenberg profile is in case you wanted to see some of the things I've done in my slideshow.)