Wednesday, February 25, 2009

365 day Project - 31

Whooo, whooo Gabrielle got her braces off today. The two years went by fast. She now needs a retainer on top and bottom. Then she will be slowly weened off the retainers but the process takes about two years.

Don't her teeth look great! All to the tune of roughly $5,000 dollars - it might as well be the million dollar smile slogan since that amount is just as hard to come by. Thankfully we had the insurance and the budget to get it started. Now to move on to the other kids. Arianna is scheduled for sometime in March to get them started anyway. And we might have to bump Annaliese up because she could need her top jaw stretched. Sounds painful, doesn't it. But apparently it is better to do it before the end of puberty because the bones in your skull start to fuse then.


Susan said...

What a beautiful smile!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the compliments mom. I do love my new smile.