Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Latest Injury

My son Micah has been playing with the neighbor's little boy and they have one of those big trampolines. Micah jumped off yesterday and landed funny on his foot. At first I didn't see anything wrong because someone told me it was his ankle which seemed perfectly normal to me. But as the day and night went on his foot seem to bother him more. By the morning, he was limping pretty badly. So I thought to be cautious we would take him to the doctor here in town, being a small town they also provide x-ray, so it would avoid waiting in the ER, so we did that. But now we still have to wait for the radiologist to read the x-ray. We think he might have a small hairline crack in the top of the foot bone below your 2nd toe. It's pretty swollen and pretty painful to the touch. The doctor said she saw a spot that looks suspicious but she isn't trained like a radiologist. We are hoping for a call back soon to tell us if anything is wrong or not. Micah leaves Friday for a weekend at Camp Luther with Dad. He is already packed, 2 days early, and waiting to go. We have his foot wrapped for now and he is trying to rest it. Although, I don't think rest is a word in this 6 year old's vocabulary. I don't know how I will get him to sit still if it is actually broken. Thankfully hairline cracks heal pretty quickly especially in young ones who grow and change so fast. So time will tell, I hope we get a phone call between now and Friday morning to tell us if he needs a cast or not.

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