Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Weeks are Flying By

It's hard to believe it is fall already. Our weeks are going by quickly. Last week we were learning about the Panama Canal, Albert Einstein, President Taft and Wilson. We are beginning a study of World War 1 following Tapestry of Grace (loosely for my younger 3) and incorporating lapbook projects from Hands of a Child. They are a unit based type company that produces lapbook study guides that are very easy to follow.

In addition to that we finally found time to start up our study of Shakespeare. We haven't gotten to far along but have talked about where he was born but that we have to use his baptism date for a general idea of when he was born because no one knows for sure about that. Here is a list of the books we are using for our study of Shakespeare.

We started the first lesson in Institute for Excellence in Writing level A for the younger two girls and level C for the older. This went really well. I wasn't sure if Annaliese would be able to follow the video and concept but she came through with flying colors.

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