Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Journaling with Children-it's the little things that produce big results

I started journaling with the kids the other night. I bought my four older girls those 10cent notebooks when the stores do those back to school specials. And my youngest, Micah, I bought him the journal with space at the top for drawing a picture and lines below for writing. We've only been doing it a few days now but it has been fun and rewarding. Micah and I draw pictures to each other and I write him a short sentece as a note. The other night he secretly asked his sister's for help to spell words for his little sentence back to me.

He wrote: I (heart symbol colored in pink) you. It was very sweet.

I'm getting a chance to write little notes back and forth to each of my kids. I'm always curious to what they write back or how they perceive this "exercise". I don't correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation. It is merely for the practice of putting words to paper. My Annaliese, 8 years old, really looks foward to it. It's like passing notes in school but you don't get caught by the teacher. Instead the teacher is the one who started it. I've noticed in one of my children that she can share her personal thoughts better on paper than in coversations, she has a hard time finding the right words when talking. And that's okay. She will learn and grow and this keeps it easy and free for her to talk about things. With another child it was neat to see the Holy Spirit working in her, convicting her of wrong doing. She took the time in her note the other day to apologize for her behavior. So it's those little things, the fun things, that often touch the heart of a child and produce big results.

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Shanna said...

I'm so glad you reminded me of this. I remember hearing a radio broadcast about keeping a journal with your daughter, but my oldest daughter wasn't reading or writing yet. She's just beginning now, though, so I think I'll introduce the idea to her. Thanks!