Saturday, August 9, 2008


Life hasn't been too crazy in this little town but I am starting to feel overwhelmed. Another school year is fast approaching and I don't feel nearly ready and I don't imagine my kids feel nearly ready either. I am overwhelmed with the organizing that still needs to be done, with some of the purchases that still need to be made, overwhelmed with the time commitment we make each year to homeschooling, just plain overwhelmed some days.

This coming year will be my first student in high school. I often feel like I have gone back to school myself with just a few differences - I am the teacher (how did that happen?), we don't have to raise our hands to go to the bathroom, we can go to school in our PJ's if we choose, we can take any day off during the year - it doesn't have to be a scheduled school break, we can sit together and read all day, we can laugh and share the precious time we have together. For in the blink of an eye, they will be all grown and leaving for an adventure of their own.

I hope when they are older that they will look back with fond memories of being homeschooled, with no regrets, and with a confidence to face the world's challenges knowing how much they were loved.

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