Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conversations with a 6 year old Boy

It's been funny around here lately. I'm often wondering what Micah picks up during our school day. I have him tag along with his two sisters, Annaliese and Natania, for science and history but lately we've been focusing on alot of history specifically the civil war.

The other night Micah was looking at some books before bed and our conversation went like this:

Micah: "who was the guy with the big hair"

Mom: "during history you mean"

Micah: "yes"

Mom: "that was Fredrick Douglas"

Micah: "he taught himself to read"

Who would've thought he would remember that detail that we only read about once. He's probably forgotten it by now but it was nice to hear. Then I took him grocery shopping with me and we had another funny conversation about seasons. After he got the seasons down the rest went like this:

Micah: "Spring, summer, fall, winter after winter is Christmas"

Mom: "yes but Thanksgiving is in there too"

Micah:"But Christmas means snow"

Mom:"yes, sometimes"

Micah:" I don't want snow this year"

Mom:" I don't either but you can't control the weather"

Micah: "what about the weatherman"

Mom:"he doesn't control the weather either. He just tells us about it. The weather has to do with the air currents and temperatures"

Micah: "Oh God controls those"

Mom:"yes, that's right"

Micah: "He needs to fix that then"

I thought that was so funny. He's going to tell God no snow this year. I bet he doesn't get very far.

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Heather L said...

LOL I love little boys and their straight forward thinking. My son is very similar. If there is a perceived problem then he doesn't understand why the rest of the family doesn't get it and fix it.
God bless
Heather L