Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Therapy ???

Your probably wonder who this refers to. At this point Micah gets to claim all the glory. Awhile back I wrote about his knee problems, well they have continued and now affects both knees. I took him again to the doctor today because he could hardly walk with out dragging one of his legs along. Pretty weird to see your 6 year old acting like a feeble, elderly person. The doctor thought since it seems to be getting worse to start him on some physical therapy. He will go 2-3x per week for as little as an hour to as much as 1.5hrs each time, for about a month. The hope is to gain strength in the muscle that holds your knee caps in place. Soccer is a good sport for that too. He is signed up for the first time to play this season, so that was good timing. I've already explained to the other 3 kids who are playing that Micah's schedule will have to take priority because the running helps strengthen those muscles as well. After the month of therapy I will have to continue the exercises with him at home. If it should continue to give him trouble the only other option is surgery but they really like to wait until late teen years for anything drastic like that. Let's hope this works Micah is a long way away from late teen years.


Susan said...

I'm praying that the therapy will help Micah. You asked about the cow tray...Jimmy sanded the cow off, spray painted it black, and then distressed it with sandpaper. It was that simple. I had been wanting something to set on my stove and when I saw the tray last week I told Jimmy that I just had to have it. We paid a whopping $2.00 for it and we already had the spray paint and sandpaper. It just amazes me how a little work can change something so much. Have a good evening.

The Parson's Wife said...

Lisa, still praying for you guys! Lean on HIM... only HE can heal.