Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Glory in the Highest

Last night our family went to the Chris Tomlin concert his Christmas tour "Glory in the Highest". If by any chance you don't know who he is, he is a Christian contemporary music artist. If you ever get the chance to see him in concert I'd highly encourage you to do so. It was an absolute fabulous concert. It was my kids first concert so that was kinda fun too. It was a little pricey for our family to go but well worth the money.

He always takes along a guy named Louie, I'm thinking he might be his manager or something like that. But he gave a message during the middle part of the concert that was just really, really good. He started out by talking about Christmas and how chaotic it can be this time of year for everyone rushing around, buying gifts, decorating, etc...and sometimes you just feel like it's chaotic. Or someone's life could be filled with chaos right now, filled with lots of problems. Then he related that to how Mary and Joseph must have felt on that first Christmas. And how people must have really thought she was crazy telling people she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and to put it in todays words that she was the gossip of the neighborhood. He continued to talk about how they must have been scared and tired, the long ride on a donkey is so similar to when women walk the mall to get the birthing process started. He imagines that Mary must have been praying for rest but not in the inside of cave, not in a stable. She must have been pleading please don't let the baby be born here. How they both must have felt the choas of that night and the chaos in their lives. But then God broke through the choas with the simple cry of a baby. He sent Jesus to break the chaos in our lives, to give us peace. This simple cry would be heard around the world. The same baby would have a triumphant cry. Triumphant over death, he would be the long expected Savior - the Messiah that we had been waiting for.

So if you ever get the chance to attend one of his concerts, you won't be disappointed.

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