Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memories Monday Meme

Well I'm going to try to participate in this weekly meme hosted over at

Each week we are to post about a current or past memory. Well I'm going to keep this entry brief because it's late and I actually need to get kids into bed and it's 11pm already.

But a few weeks ago my 2nd oldest Arianna asked if we could do a family Bible study. I think she is just craving to be spiritual fed. My husband is a pastor but we were sent to a church with lots of problems. That in itself has taken a toll on my kids. My praying for a new call, hopefully to New Jersey.

I was so proud of my girl to hear her ask for that. I was completely shocked because she seems to have suffered the most while we are here. I was really worried about her for awhile in regards to her own faith. But now I can see that God's grace abounds.


Jennifer said...

Isn't it wonderful to see the hand of the Lord working in the hearts of our children! Thank you for joining in Making Memories Monday. I know that family time spent reading the Bible will surely be memorable for all of you!

Jennifer said...

I've missed you over at MMM. Hope you are well and that we'll see you back at MMM in the next week or so!