Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have it Your Way #106

On this assignment from Blogger Friend school I am to write about how I "have it my way" during the winter months. What I enjoy doing during the cold spells we have in Wisconsin. Well I really don't like the cold much so I tend to stay inside alot. I enjoy taking the kids sledding a couple of times. I'm always hoping to get some good photos. What I do for myself personally is drink hot cocoa and if I'm lucky I'll get a chance to scrapbook some of those winter photos. I also like to lounge around in my warm PJ's and bathrobe. Sometimes we might even do school in our PJ's. I have on occasion made potatoe and ham soup but some of the kids don't like that. So this is not a very interesting post but at least I made an attempt.


Sherrie said...

Enjoyed your post! I can't imagine how cold it is there...sometimes I wish we would have it that cold, but then I re-think that! Have a blessed week!
Fellow BFS friend,

Sheri said...

I understand the cold thing-we're in Michigan. Ham and potato soup sounds real good about now-it is chilllllyyyy here today and that would warm us all up! Thanks for posting-blessings to you.

TrainingHearts said... chocolate and scrapbooking sound really relaxing to me, too!

Thank you for sharing.

Rebecca said...

I spent a winter in Minnesota when I was in college. My friend there laughed at my "Kansas windshield scraper". It was one of those little Wal-Mart, hand-held thingies. Then he held up the "Minnesota Scraper"...the thing must have been 2 feet long with a 6 inch blade and a fur mitten attached. LOL I remember using that scraper several times over the course of the winter, too, and was really glad I hadn't just stuck with the "Kansas Scraper"!!!

I hope you manage to go sledding a couple of times this year and that you're able to find some time to relax, too -- cold or no cold!

Anonymous said...