Monday, October 27, 2008

Keeping Up With Natania

Ever have one of those days where you suspect something might be wrong but you figure your just being paranoid. Well if your a mom, then your mother's intuition has just kicked in. I find that everytime this happens it is because something needs to be checked out on one of my kids.

Micah today was checked for knee problems. He is almost 6, so I figured what could really be wrong but lets have it checked out anyway. I always thought his knees were shaped funny and often looked swollen. Well about a week ago he was complaining and limping around for about three days. I asked him if he had fallen. He said no. He was in quite alot of pain one of those nights. I assumed it was like a "charlie horse" when you get those pains in your muscles. I massaged his leg, moved it up and down to release the pain, after several minutes it was fine. So I thought good, we fixed that. Until about a day later when it started up again.

I asked my husband what he thought but he said boys knees are just shaped different than girls. I said I don't think that's right. It has become the joke in our house because everytime this happens he thinks nothing of it and it proves in fact to be something. So any of you mom's reading this don't second guess your intuition. And if your DH is anything like mine, just skip the conversation and go right to the doctor.

Well upon checking him out tonight our family doctor (who is so good) told me that he has Patellar Subluxation (when your knee cap moves out of joint and off to the side) and Genu Valgum (known as knocked knees). He also told me that I did what we should do when it happens but to keep an eye on him. He thinks he will out grow it but on rare occasions it requires surgery.

I had thought for a while that something was wrong with his knees but continually put it out of my mind, but my mother's intuition was still always nagging on me. Natania my ten year old, who happens to want to be a doctor when she grows up, had also noticed something wrong with his knees. She is also the one in the family that has most of the medical issues, but Micah is doing his best to keep up with her. So between his surgery two weeks ago, a broken leg, surgery as a baby and now this. I think they are neck and neck in this race.

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Linda said...

Hi Lisa...I had to laugh at your post. It exactly the same in our house. Only here it seems that when I'm sure something is wrong and finally convince DH that we should go to the doctor or hospital, everything is fine!! I HATE that!!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I've enjoyed reading your blog and will be back!! Thanks again!