Friday, January 16, 2009

Crazy Days

It's been crazy around here lately. We've been trying to get back in the routine of school after the holidays. A lot of my time in the evenings now goes to working through Algebra 1 to help my oldest daughter who is struggling with that subject right now. She is improving which is great though.

Dh also has a last minute funeral to do tomorrow. At least they won't be standing in the frigid cold by the grave side. The internment will be in the spring. But it makes it a little more hectic around here.

We are busy packing for a week trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana. DH is going to a symposia at the seminary there while the rest of us with enjoy the pool and visit friends. It will be a nice break from small town life. The only wrench in it now is my son Micah complaining of a stomach ache. It's hard to tell which kind with him. A few months ago, we had an appendicitis scare with him. We were told that you can have chronic appendicitis for several months before something really needs to be done about it. Let's hope it's not that. I'm wondering if he was just hungry.

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