Friday, January 9, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs - Happy New Year Post

The challenge this time is to share what you did on New Year's Eve and list any traditions your family might have. So far we don't have too many traditions other than staying up late and watching movies. When we lived in New England we also would order Chinese food. But now that we live in the Midwest, Chinese food is well, how shall we say it - not as good as East coast and West Chinese.

This year though, we invited homeschooling friends over to spend the night. We made lots and lots of food. The kids played a really fun called Quelf. The adults hung out and had adult conversation for a change. So that's what we did!

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KarenW said...

That sounds like the best way to spend New Year's Eve - family, friends, food and games! I've never heard of Quelf.