Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heaven on Earth - a Good Read!

I happen to stumble upon a Lutheran blog site and found this book today. I asked my pastoral husband if he owned it and sure enough he did. I really had no doubts about that one. I typically pick up a book based on the title, I don't know why I do this but if the title intrigues me then often I will glance through the book or even read it. This title did just that. It peaked my curiosity.

The author, Arthur A. Just Jr., has done well to keep the book easy to read and understand for those who sit in the pew and did not attend "seminary" classes. I'm only into the first 18 pages but I feel this book is worth the reading. In the introduction, he hit the nail on the head - living in a world that has forgotten the story - the story of redemption. "HIS-tory" - God's story as revealed to us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Another thing I appreciate about this book is how it ties you back to the Old Testament. There is so much there in the Jewish culture that helps us understand worshiping God. I happen to be one who loves the symbolism found in the Old Testament, the foreshadowing, the "types" that point us to Christ.

This is so far a good read!

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