Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ordinary or Extraordinary !

I use to complain about my husband influencing my kids in the areas of books, music, movies and television shows. You see, my DH is a huge fan of science fiction. And naturally, he wants to spend time with his children and they with him. So even at very young ages he got them hooked on Star Trek, then Stargate, Dr. Who, etc... Now several years later, I see that my children can think imaginatively, think for themselves, and form opinions about all kinds of topics, in all different forms. Just recently we were spending an afternoon with homeschooling friends and found out they also are huge science fiction fans, also thanks to their dad. So I'm learning that some love science fiction but won't admit to it, while others will step out and be bold enough to say what they enjoy. Their interests in science fiction, mysteries, British movies and different forms of music is allowing them to have a well rounded education.

My children are such a blessing in my life. They are not ordinary, they are EXTRAORDINARY gifts from God, becoming the EXTRAORDINARY people God intends for them to be-they are UNIQUE.

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