Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Walking Challenge

While skimming around on different blog sites, I noticed several bloggers who also struggle with weight issues and the time to exercise. Most were busy homeschooling mom's so there is often not enough time for us to do what is needed to take care of our own health which would result in us being able to better care for our families. I decided to start my own walking challenge, which by the way, I HATE to walk. But maybe this is the incentive I need to get moving and losing weight or inches. I plan to walk from today to August 31, 2008.

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sandsmertz said...

Lisa --

I'm mostly a lurker on the LCMS homeschool lists these days, but the timing of your walking challenge caught my eye. This is exactly what I have committed in my mind to do this summer; I started in June. It's nice to know someone else is right there with me; I just wish you lived in my neighborhood so I could have a walking buddy!

Good luck to you in your challenge!