Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes, yes we have a routine too. I spend several weeks working on an excel spread sheet listing who will do what and when. It helps to give me a general idea of how our day will go. I like knowing that Monday afternoons are for music appreciation and Wednesday afternoons are for art class. At least it gives us a goal for each week as we set out to accomplish everything on the "schedule".

Mind you though, life happens, just like the other day when my son spent 6 hrs in the ER room, having tests, and waiting to see the surgeon to determine if he needed his appendix removed. Of course all this happened on a school day, well actually it was Labor Day, so that'll teach me to not take holiday when they are on the calendar. So that afternoon the older kids worked as much as the could helping each other and working independently. But it wasn't how I envisioned our day going. Miraculously his white blood cell count came down overnight, the abdominal pain went away, and he was back to normal, for now. They did tell us to watch him because it could return and then he would need the surgery.

Now that we escaped that crisis we are back to our regular routine until the next time "life happens."

As far as the listing prayer requests for our family - the biggest one is needing to move to a bigger town with lots of homeschool opportunties. We are so rural right now and it is really starting to bother my older girls who would like some kind of "social" life, even just a few friends to invite over. That is my biggest request right now. I'd like to see my kids happy again.

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Kaber said...

I love using Excel! I make all kinds of spreadsheets amd schecules. they don't get done like planned. but that's OK. it's an excuse to make another one. a BETTER one...