Friday, September 26, 2008

Van Gogh

Van Gogh was our first artist studied this year. We are spending 2-3 weeks on each artist looking through books about their paintings. Then on a following week they are trying to re-create their version of one of the artists paitings. Here are my 4 youngest kids attempts at some of Van Gogh's famous works.

This is my 5 year old son's version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Here is Natania's version of Starry Night, she is 10 years old.

Another version of Starry Night done by my almost 13 year old daughter, Arianna.

This is Van Gogh's portrait of Dr. Felix Rey 1889. I'm not sure why she picked such a hard picture to try to re-create but she did a great in job. In my humble opinion. Annaliese is only 8 years old.

Here are a few sentences from the kids narration pages.

Van Gogh shot himself because he was so depressed because of Paul Gaugin leaving him. He got so angry that he cut off part of his ear. by Annaliese.

Van Gogh was a great artist. He started out painting with dark colors and made alot of dark and sad paintings. Van Gogh used oil paints. Van Gogh shot himself and died two days later. My favorite paintings by Van Gogh are Starry Night and Sunflowers. by Arianna

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous painter. He had one brother. Vincent went to Paris to paint. He invited Paul Gaugin to paint with him but they had a big fight and Paul left. He was very angry that he cut part of his ear off. Vincent never got over this. When he painted it was so thick that he would run out of paint, so he had to stop buying food. And he was not healthy. Vincent shot himself and he died two days later. by Natania


Amy in TX said...

I love your Van Gogh study! Always wanted to do that. Why do I keep putting it off???? Your kids did an amazing job recreating the pieces of art. WOW!!

keri said...

You just made me realize that I have never done narration with artist study! Why haven't I?!

Theresa ♥ said...

Please tell your children they did a beautiful job on their work. We are studying Van goh as well. We've taken 4 weeks so far and will continue for another 2 weeks before we give our hand to trying one of our onw.


jamie in rose cottage said...

I'm very impressed by their artwork! Thanks for sharing!

Jimmie said...

They absolutely DID do a great job on their reproductions! :-)
Van Gogh is fascinating and a generally kid friendly artist.

Cindy said...

How beautiful! And what a great idea to include narration into artist study.