Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something New

The assignment for the week from Homeschool Memoirs is to share something new that we added to our school this year. We added several new things this year. The kids have been enjoying art through Artistic Pursuits We've only done a few lessons but we are getting our feet wet, the more challenging stuff comes later. We also have been trying to stick to a schedule of learning about great artists. We did Van Gogh so far for about two weeks. I will be posting more on that in different post with some pics.

New this year also is A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers by Craig and Hogan. I found it at This is a year long unit study about composers that includes listening selections, map and timeline work, a biography to read aloud and a question/answer page to go with the bio, plus a coloring page for youngsters. So far we have enjoyed this, although we aren't far along. I've decided to take two years to complete this verses just the one year schedule. It opens with some history of music during different time periods in history plus a section on music within the liturgical church which I just loved. So I think we will spend some extra time here because we are Lutheran and love our liturgy. I plan to also add a little bit about the orchestra and the instruments that make up the orchestra so they have a little more background knowledge before delving into Vilvaldi's Four Seasons.


Amy in TX said...

Hi, the music lessons sounds like a gold mine!! Thanks for sharing that. I'll definitely be looking into it. :D

SmallWorld at Home said...

Very cool. I used to be so much better about fine arts. We used to have "Fine Arts Friday" around here years ago. We all loved it, and each year I am determined to reinstate it...but I forget...

Thanks for the reminder!

Sherry said...

I'm definitely going to look into the Artistic Pursuits. Sounds intriguing! :D

Kerri said...

Oh, wow! That composer study looks great. We did some composer studies last year, all homemade by mom. Maybe it is time for a change!

Shannon said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

I'm going to have to check out that classical music unit.
We're doing Beethoven right now, and I'd love to have something with some structure to it.

Do you think Artistic Pursuits would work with youngers? (Mine are 7, 5, 3).


Rebecca said...

Those both sound like treasures! I conducted the choir in a Lutheran church when I was in college. That was such a fun experience! All the choir members were so sweet and forgiving of my inexperience. I grew up in the Baptist church, so the Lutheran liturgy was completely foreign to me. You're right, it's beautiful!

Have a great weekend!