Monday, October 19, 2009

Funny Moments in the Children's Sermon

Yesterday, our vicar was doing a children's sermon and he was taken out of a bag some special items that held meaning for him. First he took out a teddy bear, then some military medals, and I forget the 3rd item because when he asked the kids what the item was (the medals) Micah said "they are World War I medals". He laughed, the congregation laughed and he told Micah he wasn't quite that old. The funny thing is we have been studying that time period in history class for the past several weeks. Every once in a while Micah comes out with some interesting comments that show he is really paying attention in school. A few weeks back he remembered that the first military tanks were nicknamed "mother". The congregation doesn't really approve of us homeschooling so I wonder if they even made the connection between Micah's comment and our history classes. But as the teacher I love these moments!! We need more of them to keep plugging along.

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Mrs. E. said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. The Luther comment came from a book of quotes entitled "Momentum Builders" by John Mason. I've enjoyed peeking at your blog tonight and reading your daybook. We missed our apple picking outing this year. . . but that didn't stop me from buying them at the local farmers market and making our favorite apple crisp ;).