Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hearts for Home -October 20th USA

I stumbled upon this website the other day http://cherishedheartsathome.blogspot.com/
and am hoping to remember to participate in her Tuesday encouragement meme.

The things I am going to try to focus on for this coming week will be:

1. To make it a priority to read out loud to the kids. We do this for school but rarely find the time to do it for fun. We started the other day the book Kingdom's Dawn by Chuck Black. The kids seem to enjoy the story (it's an allegory) and each chapter ends with discussion questions. I'm curious to see how to the book continues and what connections they will make with the characters.

2. I'd like to get the girls involved in crafting. Some of them on occasion have worked on a few things but I'd like to get them working with their hands more either a craft or even cooking skills.

3. To encourage them as much as I can in their abilities and in their faith.

4. I personally would like to not get frustrated if we fall behind in what society would call and academic subject in school because we were focusing on building family relationships instead. After all which is really more important?

5. I was convicted that I have fallen short of teaching my kids to have a more eternal focus so that will be a continual goal. To show them the importance of their beliefs and how that affects their choices in life.

If you would like to find encouragement along your journey of raising your children pop on over to the website mentioned above. She has some interesting posts to read, great suggestions and beautiful artwork.


~ Judy ~ said...

LOVE THIS LIST LISA! I am especially drawn to numbers 4 and 5!!! BEAUTIFUL! God bless your family!

Gae said...

Dear Lisa,
Sorry I haven't respomded sooner. I dropped over before but then something came up and I haven't come back till now.
I am so pleased you have joined in this and "wow" I love your list it is like reading my own heart.

Your number 4 I really relate to as our primary focus for Home Schooling right from the start apart fom wanting our children to be Holy and Godly children, was to maintain close family relationships with us and each other.

Your other points speak to my heart also.
I pray that you are able to progress with these this week.
You have given me some reminders I needed as well
Thank you
God Bless