Friday, October 16, 2009

Going From Six to Seven

My youngest Micah will be turning seven in November. I wouldn't have thought that one year could make that much difference in a little boy. He has really changed in school. He enjoys learning to read now, he works on his workbooks sometimes independently, he gets up for our long drive to choir without complaining. I've heard how boys learn differently than girls and how some are not academically ready for school until a little bit later than the traditional kindergarten age requirement. That seems true of Micah. Last year he did some things with us but after just a little while he would want to go play. I'm glad I let him and didn't give into the pressure one can sometimes feel with homeschooling. The "keeping up" with the educational system and kindergarten enrollment. In just the past few weeks Micah has been wanting to print everything on his own for his projects. That can be a lot of writing for a boy so in the past I've had him dictate to me what he wants to write down. Not this year, if I even suggest helping him he insists that I don't. The other day he told Gabrielle that history was his favorite subject.

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