Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Biggest Snow of the Season

Finally today we have some serious snow coming down. We've had a few small storms with like 3-5 inches but for the midwest, I don't really call that a big storm. I was born and raised in New England so big snow storms is something I am use to. I'm always surprised when the news channels forecast what they define as a big storm. And then they tell you 3-5 inches. Then my DH and I get a big laugh out of that. But today they are predicting 8-14 inches with our town being on the heavier side of the snow. My kids are thrilled!! One of my daughters, Arianna, was so disappointed to hear about the ice storm that we missed in New England this year. Family and friends were without power for days. She's never experienced that but I think in reality she would grow tired of no power and candle light. You kind of get use to those modern conviences.

I ventured out to Walmart today about a 30min drive. I wanted to get ready for New Year's Eve a little early. We have friends coming over tomorrow night and they will be spending the night. The roads were pretty good except for the on/off ramps and rotaries which they call round-abouts out here.

It's good to know I haven't lost my touch with winter driving. DH would tell you otherwise but my driving record is better than his. So I think I'm safe.

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Tracy said...

Glad it's you and NOT me! I am in almost short weather down here...and left all that in OH! YEAH!