Monday, December 15, 2008

Solo Deo Gloria

On December 4th the kids participated in their first concert with the Solo Deo Gloria homeschool choir. We had a fantastic time. The concert was really fabulous. I can't wait for the dvd to arrive. They performed a mix of Christmas carols, spirituals, and hymns. One song was even done in Latin. The choir is broken down into three groups. Sanctus for high school, Jubileo Deo for 4th-8th grades, and Te Deum for 1st - 3rd grades. I am very proud of the kids for getting up so early in the morning and making the long drive to Eau Claire each Thursday. It has been a really great experience for all of them. I am thankful to have even made it to the performance. We had some sickness running through our house plus many people around us in choir rehearsal and in church have been suffering from the stomach bug. Thanks to those who prayed us through it. We are looking forward to choir starting back up on 2/12. Here a few pictures for you all to enjoy.

Annaliese wanted her hair curled so we were busy in the church bathroom among all the other girls trying to get ready. You can't tell in this picture but Annaliese has a festive red cast on her arm. She was so worried that she wouldn't be able to be in the concert if her shirt didn't fit over it. Even if it hadn't we would've taken an older shirt and cut the arm off. She was so looking forward to this evening.

Gabrielle has been enjoying her time at choir. Making many new friends which we are both very happy about. I think it is important for her to have some kids to hang out with that are her age or a bit older. She has been enjoying learning about music and improving her singing.

Arianna is not one for getting dressed up. She honors me by wearing something nice on Christmas and Easter. Now she has to suffer through 2 more times each year - the winter and spring concerts. She looked so nice that evening. She has gained a lot of confidence in her voice since starting choir. Prior to this she was very shy about her singing and would hardly open her mouth. Now she is not as intimidated.

Natania is the one who loves to sing in the family. She seems to have some God given abilities musically. She is teaching herself some songs on the piano until we can afford "real" lessons and eventually she wants to play the flute. She has song before doing small solo parts during church.

Micah was a real trooper. It was a very long day for him without much rest. We left our house at about 7:30am so by concert time (7pm) he was starting to get a bit grumpy. As you can see from this photo he was in no mood for mommy to be having one of those photo-op moments. He did very well during the performance, then joined daddy in the audience and fell asleep on his shoulders.

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