Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs 19 - Making a List

Well, I think it is always best to keep the list short and simple. Often times people try to make long lists of things they want to do or change in the upcoming new year, only to find that they can't keep up with their list.

Here is my short but sweet list . . .

Lose some weight - I really need to do this.
Exercise this will help too with the losing weight.
Read my Bible more.
One other goal I have is to help my oldest daughter with learning algebra 1.

Hopefully, this short list will help me to stay focused on those goals and not get discouraged.


Tracy said...

Great list, short and sweet!
Thanks for stopping by!

~*Mona*~ said...

Your list looks great! Really my goals are not much longer, just stated in a longer way, lol ;o)

Have a blessed year!

KarenW said...

It's better to be focused on a few things than overwhelmed by too many. Best wishes on Algebra 1! We did that last year.

Manderly said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your list! It's fun to know that there are others that share the same goals as you. :) Have a great weekend!

Sherry said...

Great list for the New Year. I think I'm going to breakdown mine as well into ways to attain my goals, too.

tammy said...

Short and sweet can be best! Good luck focusing on your goals. I have the weight loss goals, but decided to really make it a focus on getting healthier. I think that approach will work best for me. :)