Saturday, December 6, 2008

Night of the Moonjellies lapbook

My son finished this lapbook about 6 weeks ago but I am so far behind in posting things on my blog. I took sometime today to listen to Christmas carols and work on my blog a little bit. We really enjoyed this story because we are native New Englanders. All our family is back there in Massachusetts. We love the ocean and the kids love collecting shells. We don't get home as often as we would like but hope next time to take a trip to Rockport again. One of our favorite ocean spots.

Here are some photos of our book

When we read through this story I was very surprised that Micah could remember several of things being served at the beach stand. We also talked about the things he might hear, smell and see at the ocean.

Here is a list of go-along stories if you ever choose to read this book which I highly recommend.

Under the Sea by Barbara Knox
Seashells by the Seashore by Marianna Berkes
On the Way to the Beach by Henry Cole
The Seashore Book by Charlotte zoltow
A House by the Sea by Joanne Ryder
The Sandcastle by M.P. robertson (great book by the way)
One Wish by Francis Wolfe
Sophie's Bucket by Catherine Stock (another great read)
The PInk House at the Seashore by Deborah Blumenthal
The House Takes a Vacation by Jacqueline Davies

We had alot of fun reminscing about our days in New England and life be the seashore. Oh, how we miss that part of home.


Celia said...

Loved seeing your lapbook, Micah! You look especially proud of your lapbook...and you should be, you did a wonderful job!

My girls loved rowing that book too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! :) Great job, Micah! :D

Ami :)